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Elvis Book Updates 2014


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28 December 2014
Added books:
- 100 Things Elvis Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die by Gillian G. Gaar
- Channeling Elvis: How Television Saved the King of Rock 'n' Roll by Allen J. Wiener
- Elvis On Tour 1970: Volume 2 - November 1970 by Kieran Davis
- Elvis Photographed Live on Stage in Charlotte and Memphis by Joseph A. Tunzi
- Elvis Presley: A Southern Life by Joel Williamson
- Elvis, The Best of British - The RCA Years 1957-1958 by Trevor Simpson and Pål Granlund
- King of the Hilton; Memories of Elvis Presley's Las Vegas by Nixon, Anne E. ; Harvey, Richard
- My Memories Of Elvis by Jo Anne Truiett Phillips
- The Elvis Films by Jon Abbott
- The New Leader In Vegas
- Ultimate Elvis: The Complete and Definitive Recording Sessions by Erik Lorentzen, Keith Flynn, Gordon Minto and Piers Beagley
Plus the front and back covers of the Elvis Files Magazines Issues 8 and 9.

28 September 2014
Added a special page to the authors section with books by Erik Lorentzen.

21 September 2014
Added books:
- Elvis & Ginger: Elvis Presley's Fiancée and last love finally tells her story by Ginger Alden
- Elvis Has Left The Building: The Day the King Died by Dylan Jones
- Elvis Presley: A Listener's Guide by Shane Brown
- The Elvis Movies by James L. Neibaur
- The Little Book of Elvis Law by Cecil C.Kuhne III
- The Next Elvis: Searching for Stardom at Sun Records by Barbara Barnes Sims
- Happy in the Service of the Lord: African-American Sacred Vocal Harmony Quartets in Memphis by Kip Lornell (related books)
- Elvis, We'll Remember You by Ed Bonja
Plus the front and back covers of the Elvis Files Magazines Issues 1 to 7.

24 August 2014
Update of the Books in Print 2014 page with the latest releases. More to follow!

28 June 2014
Added books:
- Memphis to Nashville '61 by David English and Pål Granlund (released in June 2014).
- The King in Motion, Last Vegas - Volume 1 by Venus Productions (released in December 2013).
- Elvis in Germany - Elvis v. Army by Vince~Everett (released in 1976).
Added back cover:
- Elvis: Lonely Star At The Top by David Hanna (released in 1977).
Added the Elvis Files Magazines Issues 1 to 7. Although these are not strictly books, they deserve to be included here as the contents can compete with most of the books ...

1 June 2014
Some typos were corrected.

Added "The Life and Times of Sam Cooke" by Daniel Wolff to the "related"-section.

26 April 2014
Added new book:
- Elvis 1970 - In the Dome by Joe Tunzi (released in March 2014).
Possibility to add a vote is temporarily disabled.

9 March 2014
Added new book:
- Elvis - The King of the Jungle: 45 Years After by Erik Lorentzen (released in February 2014).
Question: the back cover of this book appeared on the front cover of another book released a couple of years ago. Which one?

Added books with front/back cover and completed info on some 1977 books:
- Das War Elvis - Der König Des Rock 'n' Roll by Harry S. Ever, a German book released in 1977.
- Elvis Presley by Todd Slaughter, this edition reprinted after Elvis's death in 1977.
- Elvis Sein Roman by Robert Graham and Keith Baty, a German book released in 1977. Checkout the back cover! (sorry, only for German readers)
- Elvis by Richard Mann, released in 1977.

1 March 2014
Added books, information and covers provided by Francesc Lopez from Elvisconcerts.com:
- Elvis, Through the Eyes of Love by Joan Buchanan West.
- Elvis' Real Gold: "The Spirit of His Fans" by Cricket-Marie Coulter.
- Elvis: The Army years 1958-1960 by Nick Corvino.
- Don't Cry Darlin' by Pepper Ritter.
plus some other ones which will be added soon.

22 February 2014
Added books with front and back cover and updated info:
- Down at the End of Lonely Street: It's Elvis Time Scoop Exclusive edited by Ger Rijff. This is a special edition of the Dutch fanclub magazine It's Elvis Time.
- Elvis Remembered: De Geautoriseerde Boxset met Archiefmateriaal uit Graceland by Gillian G. Gaar, a collection of memorabilia.
- Reconsider Baby - The Definitive Elvis Sessionography 1954-1977 by Ernst Jørgensen, the Pierian Press edition.

8 February 2014
Removed all the links from the book cards. Most links were outdated and to prevent annoying "page not found" errors, I just removed them all. Currently figuring out a more permanent solution. I started to add a one or two line description to each book, so you have at least an idea of what's it all about. For the time being, use your favourite search engine to find more information on a book.

In addition, did correct some typing errors. With so many books in the database these are hard to avoid ...

Added new book:
- Something for the Girls by Pål Granlund and David English (released in January 2014)

2 February 2014
Checked and updated the links page.

Added book covers:
- Elvis Presley Und Seine Filme: Ein Filmographischer Bildband by Bernard Seibel and Christian Unucka
- Elvis Caught on Camera: The 1950s Candids (released in December 2013)

1 January 2014
Updated Books In Print 2013 and 2014.

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