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Elvis, The Hollywood Years: A Complete Guide To His Celluloid & TV Output
Bret, David (2017)

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paperback , 368 pages
ISBN-10: 1-973771-98-5 , ISBN-13: 978-1-973771-98-2

Category: Filmography
Language: English
Description: In this first complete account of Elvis Presley's celluloid career, re-released to commemorate the 40th year of his passing, David Bret considers the 33 films, TV appearances, retrospectives and biopics that remain as testimony to the compelling and mysterious persona of the man revered as The King. Best-selling biographer David Bret traces the development of Elvis's film career and recounts the on-set cat fights with co-stars and studio personnel. He unearths the truth about the powerful hold exercised over Elvis by 'Colonel' Tom Parker, which revolved around his manager preventing a leak about the singer's relationship with another man from going public, and then using this knowledge as a persistent threat to ensure his protege's loyalty. Bret explores and hotly disputes the controversial allegations, levelled by Elvis's step-family, that he had a physical relationship with his mother, raped his wife, and that he held debauched, drug-fuelled parties with groupies and eventually committed suicide. Above all, the author praises the nature and talent of the man who was-and still is-the supreme authority on rock'n'roll and romance.
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