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Graceland's Mystery Man
Baugh, George R. (2017)

Dorrance Publishing
paperback , 38 pages
ISBN-10: 1-4809-4802-0 , ISBN-13: 978-1-4809-4802-0

Category: Graceland
Language: English
Description: From the back cover: 'Not many people are lucky enough to have a front-row seat to pop culture history, but George R. Baugh certainly did. Baugh's memoir, Graceland's Mystery Man, offers a fascinating glimpse into the personal life of Elvis Presley. First as a boyhood chum and later serving as his security guard, Baugh has many personal stories to share of the man others knew as The King. From high school hijinks to his generosity in the community to dealing with overzealous fans, this book details Baugh's own experiences with Elvis. Aside from a friend and an employee, Baugh is also a devoted fan, and his love and respect for the musician shows through this delightful book. Graceland's Mystery Man is a unique and welcome addition to any Elvis fan's library. Rare photos of Elvis are included.'
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