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Jean-Marie Pouzenc

Jean-Marie Pouzenc

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Jean-Marie Pouzenc in the "Elvis My Happiness" Boutique, France
(Photo source: Elvis My Happiness ... )

From his book 60th Anniversary - Elvis in Paris: 1959 - 2019:

"Jean-Marie Pouzenc was born in Paris in November 1943. In 1956, crazy about rock and roll, he discovered Elvis Presley. His passion became definitive in December 1957 when he attended screening of the movie Loving You on the Champs-Élysées. In June 1959 in Paris, all he sees is the King's car driving away. His passion will never wane. He even tried for a while, like a whole generation, to sing the one who changed his life. He will always be active when it comes to defending Elvis' work and memory."

"This will lead to several reference works: La Discographie Francaise (published by Elvis My Happiness in 2002) and through the publisher Editions Carpentier 50 Ans avec Elvis : L'histoire vraie du King (2003), Elvis, un Homme, toute la Musique in two volumes (Elvis, un Homme, toute la Musique Vol 1, 1953-1968 and Elvis, un Homme, toute la Musique Vol 2, 1968-1977, in 2012 and 2013 resp.) and the novel Le Jour ou Elvis a Chanté à Paris (2012)."

"For many years he has been the president of Elvis My Happiness ... , the largest French association about Elvis Presley, the only to publish a magazine and to have brought the King's musicians and backing singers to France. The Kid from Paris will keep in his heart forever."

Interview with Jean-Marie Pouzenc by Nigel Patterson on The Elvis Information Network ... (October 2020)

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