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News 2009

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For the complete release schedule of 2009 see Books in print.

News items:

December 27 : The Tennessee Sheik by Megan M. Murphy and Henrik Knudsen
December 27 : A Rocket in My Pocket: The Hipster's Guide to Rockabilly Music by Max Decharne
December 27 : Restless Giant: The Life and Times of Jean Aberlach and Hill and Range Songs by Bar Biszick-Lockwood
August 23 : Elvis Presley e o Cinema Musical de Hollywood by Jorge Carrega
August 23 : Mehr als Elvis: 60 Jahre Amerikaner in Hessen
April 4 : Memories of Elvis by Terri Cluff and Beckylyn Sheeley
April 3 : Inside Blue Hawaii released
January 29 : Elvis book and magazine releases in 2009 by EIN
January 24 : Inside Blue Hawaii delayed
January 16 : Treasured Memories Of Elvis by Judy Palmer
January 15 : The Top Ten Elvis Books by Robert Fontenot
January 4 : Monthly Specials
January 4 : The Book of the King In King James English
January 4 : Dixieland Delight - video teaser
January 2 : The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture by Bill C. Malone
January 1 : A Happy New Year!

December 27, 2009

The Tennessee Sheik by Megan M. Murphy and Henrik Knudsen

 Elvis Unlimited is proud to announce their newest project, The Tennessee Sheik. This will be a hard cover photo journal with over 200 unpublished and rare photographs of Elvis Presley spanning from the 1950's to 1970's. The book will be written by Megan M. Murphy and Henrik Knudsen. This will be their first release of 2010, followed by Inside Jailhouse Rock and a few other surprises! Please check here for more information very soon!

Source: Elvis Unlimited / It's Elvis Time.

December 27, 2009

A Rocket in My Pocket: The Hipster's Guide to Rockabilly Music by Max Decharne

 "A Rocket in my Pocket" is the story of rockabilly music, the primal '50s howl of rockin' rage that helped start it all. Rockabilly had its roots in country, blues, folk, hillbilly, R&B, boogie-woogie and most other indigenous Deep South forms of popular song that you could strum three chords along to or howl down a cheap microphone. It was young people's music, made almost entirely by the first wave of teenagers, despised by adults in general and the country music establishment in particular. Its pioneer exponent, Elvis, eventually become respectable in the eyes of straight society but he was the exception. 1950s rockabilly was a spontaneous outburst of spirited three-chord songs, tiny record labels, primitive studios, fiercely partisan audiences and wild-eyed, driven performers who weren't even sure that their musical careers would last the week. The book charts the rise (and fall) of the original '50s wave of rockabillies. It will also follow the progress of the music, in clubs, on radio, TV and film, pinpointing the key record labels and important regional centres, showing how fashions eventually changed and left rockabilly high and dry, far too wild and primitive in an era of smoother sounds. Decharne traces the music to its Memphis roots.

Max Decharne is a writer and musician. He has written about music regularly for Mojo magazine since 1998, where he is their chief authority on the subject of rockabilly music, which he has followed and played since the 1970s. His work has also appeared in the Sunday Times Colour Magazine, the TLS and Bizarre, among others. He is the author of six books, the most recent of which, King's Road - The Rise & Fall of the Hippest Street in the World, was published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in November 2005.

Set for release in June 2010

(Serpent's Tail, paperback, 336 pages, ISBN 1846687217 / 978-1846687211).

Source: Serpent's Tail.

December 27, 2009

Restless Giant: The Life and Times of Jean Aberlach and Hill and Range Songs by Bar Biszick-Lockwood

 An in-depth look at the career of Jean Aberbach, legendary founder of Hill and Range Songs.

Restless Giant is a fascinating account of the life and times of Jean Aberbach, the elusive music publishing legend who, with his brother Julian, built one of music history's most powerful popular music publishing companies: Hill and Range Songs. During the 1940s and 1950s music publishers, rather than artists and record companies, controlled the American hit-making machine. Using corporate records, Aberbach's daybooks, and extensive interviews with top performers and songwriters, Biszick-Lockwood weaves an adventure story that demystifies this occupation, showing how Aberbach's keen insights, behind-the-scenes manipulations, and bold business moves fundamentally changed the music industry and nurtured the careers of some of America's biggest popular performers and songwriters.

The Austrian-born Aberbach brothers overtook their American competitors, capturing entire genres of music to build a privately owned international "empire of song" while at the same time affording songwriters unmatched control over their work. This business model resulted in more than three hundred chart hits and the first-ever song royalties being paid to songwriters and performers including Bill Monroe and the Sons of the Pioneers. Biszick-Lockwood also brings new, intriguing material to the story of Elvis Presley, who shared ownership with the Aberbachs in two music publishing companies throughout his entire career.

"A detailed and engaging account of music publisher Jean Aberbach's long life and the musical empire he built with his brother Julian. In telling the story of Hill and Range Songs, Biszick-Lockwood puts the emphasis right where it should be: on the innovations and forward thinking that made Aberbach's great success possible."--Ronnie Pugh, author of Ernest Tubb: The Texas Troubadour

Bar Biszick-Lockwood founded Music Access, Inc., the first national service bureau for music clips, and she helped establish the nonprofit World Music Institute. She lives in Redmond, Washington, where she works as a program manager at Microsoft.

Set for release in March 2010.

(paperback, 304 pages, ISBN 0-252-07694-X/978-0-252-07694-7).
(hardback, 304 pages, ISBN 0-252-03507-0/978-0-252-03507-4).

Source: University of Illinois Press

August 23, 2009

Elvis Presley e o Cinema Musical de Hollywood by Jorge Carrega

 "I would like to inform your site of the publication of the first portuguese book about Elvis Presley film career. The book is entitled "Elvis Presley e o Cinema Musical de Hollywood" and was published in June this year.

I am the author of "Elvis Presley e o Cinema Musical de Hollywood", a book that was born as a thesis for my Master Degree in Film and Literature. The book has been very well received by portuguese and brazilian fan clubs and deserved a special mention in one of the most popular portuguese newspapers, Correio da Manha.

"Elvis Presley e o Cinema Musical de Hollywood" is 132 pages long, 32 B/W and color photos and a preface by Professor Mirian Tavares of the Algarve University.

I Hope this information is useful for your site. I believe that my book is not only relevant as an academic study of Elvis movies but also important for being the first portuguese book about Elvis film career."
Jorge Carrega.

Sources: Elvisnews.com , Elvis 100, HM Editora.

August 23, 2009

Mehr als Elvis: 60 Jahre Amerikaner in Hessen

 A new 288 pages book will be published on the exhibition "Mehr als Elvis: 60 Jahre Amerikaner in Hessen" (More than Elvis: 60 Years Americans In Hessen") in the Capri-Club (the former Ray Barracks) in Friedberg Germany. The book has the same title as the exhibition an contains 300 images - partly unpublished - and documents the history of the Americans in Hessen in seven themes.

Sources: Elvis Club Berlin.

April 4, 2009

Memories of Elvis by Terri Cluff and Beckylyn Sheeley

 Released in March is the book "Memories of Elvis" by Terri Cluff and Beckylyn Sheeley.

From the publisher:
"While talking to ordinary people, we asked a simple question, "What are your memories of Elvis?" The responses varied greatly. Some people got excited about the topic and others went into deep thought. Some people spoke off the cuff and their responses were funny or even odd, while others answered after having thought it through. Several people commented about the mystery of his death. We took these ideas and made them our own by writing journal and diary entries from them. They came from people of all walks of life - young and old.

We believe that he is truly still alive in our hearts, minds, and souls and culture. We are not ready to let him go as an American icon. After all, we do see him all the time. He was even recently on the cover of the Rolling Stone."

Source: PublishAmerica.

April 3, 2009

Inside Blue Hawaii released

 After a delay in the original release date (first announced for last December), 'Inside Blue Hawaii' is now shipped by Elvis Unlimited. The reason for the delay is that on the last moment, newly discovered and never before seen footage of Elvis on the set popped up. This footage is now included in the box.

Source: Elvis Matters / Elvis Unlimited.

January 29, 2009

Elvis book and magazine releases in 2009 by EIN

Elvis Information Network (EIN) has added a great new book section ... to their website. On that page you will find information about Elvis related books and magazines due for release in late 2008 and 2009.

Source: EIN

January 24, 2009

Inside Blue Hawaii delayed

 The new release in the 'Inside' series was announced for last december, but will come out in mid february. Publisher Elvis Unlimited announced that the delay is because they discovered a lot of new and unseen pictures, together with 8mm color footage that will be included in the book and dvd.

Source: Elvis Unlimited.

January 16, 2009

Treasured Memories Of Elvis by Judy Palmer

 Treasured Memories of Elvis by Judy Palmer is the story of her experiences as a Elvis Presley fan club president (The Kissin' Cousins); meeting Elvis, attending many of his shows and participating in some of the key moments of his career, from 1965 to 1976. This photo, the book cover, was taken in 1972 during the Elvis Summer Festival at the Las Vegas Hilton. She considers her photos of this engagement as her best work. No one has ever seen all her photos in one book, in context with her stories. Judy is an enthusiastic storyteller and remembers her moments with Elvis in great detail. Treasured Memories of Elvis will be a hard cover, 8" by 10", full color book with approximately 100 pages and over 125 photos, nearly all the photos are of Elvis Presley. Memphis Explorations will release her book in the spring 2009.

Source: ElvisMatters.

January 15, 2009

The Top Ten Elvis Books by Robert Fontenot

Robert Fontenot, About.com has compiled his list of the Top 10 books released about Elvis. While not everyone will agree with Robert's list, it makes for interesting reading:
Since Elvis Presley was not only the "King" but also arguably the most famous entertainer of the 20th century, there are of course books (ghost) written about him by everyone, it seems, who ever met the man. And his significance in music history has led to endless print discussions of him as a musician, celebrity, and icon. But Elvis was also the most aggressively private star of his time, difficult to know even by those who knew him best. These books attempt to understand him from all angles.

1. Elvis by Dave Marsh
2. Last Train To Memphis and Careless Love by Peter Guralnick
3. That's Alright, Elvis by James Dickerson and Scotty Moore
4. Elvis Day by Day by Peter Guralnick
5. Elvis: A Radio History From 1945 to 1955 by Aaron Webster
6. Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! The King at the Movies by Peter Guttmacher
7. The Girls' Guide to Elvis by Kim Adelman
8. The Death of Elvis by James P. Cole, Charles Thompson
9. Dead Elvis: A Chronicle of a Cultural Obsession by Greil Marcus
10. The Elvis Treasures by Robert Gordon

Read the full details at About.com

Source: EIN

January 4, 2009

Monthly Specials

Starting in January 2009, "A Life in Books" will present every month a special on a certain topic. The topic in January is "Elvis Specials". The "Elvis Special" is an annual yearbook which was published by Elvis Monthly magazine from 1961 to 1984.

January 4, 2009

The Book of the King In King James English by William D. Bevis

On the day that Elvis would celebrate his 74th birthday, author William D. Bevis will publish the first chapter of a new book online. The book will be only available to read online. On the link below, you'll find a new chapter every week. At the end of the year, the first part of what has to become a trilogy, will be finished. The concept of the book is somewhat special. The writer will use the 'King James Bible', the version that Elvis prefered, as a source for the new book. Although it will go about Elvis, his name will not be found in the book and Bevis will use only words and text that are printed in the King James Bible.

Source: William D. Bevis / ElvisMatters.

January 4, 2009

Dixieland Delight - video teaser

 Finally, to mark the first day of 2009, Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing are proud to present the first glimpse of the upcoming DIXIELAND DELIGHT production in this "teaser" video trailer:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC6E-vxxkKE ...

with more news of the release available at the official website: www.behind-the-image.com ...

Source: Bud Glass

January 2, 2009

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture - Vol. 12: Music by Bill C. Malone

 Southern music has flourished as a meeting ground for the traditions of West African and European peoples in the region, leading to the evolution of various traditional folk genres, bluegrass, country, jazz, gospel, rock, blues, and southern hip-hop. This much-anticipated volume in The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture celebrates an essential element of southern life and makes available for the first time a stand-alone reference to the music and music makers of the American South.

With nearly double the number of entries devoted to music in the original Encyclopedia, this volume includes 30 thematic essays, covering topics such as ragtime, zydeco, folk music festivals, minstrelsy, rockabilly, white and black gospel traditions, and southern rock. And it features 174 topical and biographical entries, focusing on artists and musical outlets. From Mahalia Jackson to R.E.M., from Doc Watson to OutKast, this volume considers a diverse array of topics, drawing on the best historical and contemporary scholarship on southern music. It is a book for all southerners and for all serious music lovers, wherever they live.

Source: The University of North Carolina Press

January 1, 2009

A Happy New Year!


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