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News 2008

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For the complete release schedule of 2008 see Books in print.

News items:

November 17 : Elvis Images - A Photo Documentary
November 8 : 'Most Collectible' Elvis Book Authors
November 7 : Elvis Presley Enciclopedia Delle Canzoni by Livio Monari
November 6 : Teenagers' Hero Vol. 1 by Steve Rino
November 6 : Fashion For A King by The Norwegian fanclub 'Flaming Star'
November 6 : Elvis: Aloha '73 - Ho'i Hou by Joe Tunzi
October 5 : Best selling Elvis books in September
September 5 : Not So Quiet On The Set by Robert E. Relyea.
September 5 : Inside Blue Hawaii by Elvis Unlimited
June 28 : Elvis: Something For Everybody by Joe Russo and Steve Barile
June 28 : Elvis: Remembering August 16, 1977 Vol. 2 by Ronald Collamore
June 14 : Sun King by Kevin and Tanja Crouch
June 14 : Inside Love Me Tender by Megan Murphy
June 14 : Alanna Nash working on new Elvis book
May 7 : The Life And Times Of J.D. Sumner by Bob Terrell
May 5 : Elvis author Elaine Dundy passed away
May 5 : '68 at 40 Restrospective by Joe Tunzi
April 27 : Bill Burk passes away
April 3 : Online Elvis novel - "Pure Elvis"
March 23 : Sun King: The Life and Times of Sam Phillips, the Man Behind Sun Records by Kevin and Tanja Crouch
March 15 : Elvis: '68 at 40 by Joe Tunzi
February 24 : De Gospel-kant van Elvis by Joe Moscheo
January 27 : New final Cover Art for JAT 'Portraits' Book
January 27 : Final volume in Complete Lyrics series being released
January 27 : Mark Bego, co-author of Fike: An Uncommon Journey talks to EIN
January 20 : Elvis Lives On! by Lerma Alcairo Sundita
January 20 : Elvis' intriguing family tree laid bare
January 20 : The Day Elvis Came Closest To Japan by Toshiji Kazaki
January 4 : Wees Niet Wreed (Don't Be Cruel) by John Schoorl and Kees 't Hart
January 1 : A Happy New Year!

November 17, 2008

Elvis Images - A Photo Documentary

 "Elvis For Everyone" has annouced a new photo book, titled "Elvis Images - A Photo Documentary". It's a 120 page book with 300 pictures of our man, of which 250 have never been published before. The cover shot comes from the set of 'Follow That Dream'. Added as a bonus are a free CD and an extra picture.

Source: www.essentialelvisblog.com / ElvisMatters

November 8, 2008

'Most Collectible' Elvis Book Authors

ElvisBookResearch in the US has released its list of the most collectible Elvis book authors. The list was compiled based on eBay sales from July 2007 to June 2008 (the list was moderated to exclude bias towards authors with only 1 or 2 releases). The top 5 most collectible authors are:
1. Sean Shaver
2. Ger Rijff
3. Joseph Tunzi
4. Paul Lichter
5. Kathy Westmoreland

Shaver's book, The Life of Elvis Presley was rated as the most sought after Elvis book, followed by Kathy Westmoreland's memoir, Elvis & Kathy.

Source: EIN

November 7, 2008

Elvis Presley Enciclopedia Delle Canzoni by Livio Monari

 New book from Italy: In an exclusive, EP Gold advises that due for release late November 2008 is the Italian book "Elvis Presley Enciclopedia Delle Canzoni" covering all the songs recorded by Elvis from his early SUN tracks to the last Moody Blue album he recorded and songs released after that on 210 pages.

All songs recorded by Elvis Presley were indexed from A to Z with indications on writers, artists who originally recorded the song first, personal comments by the author of the book and an index of all the songs listed in alphabetical order, with an indication of the CDs on which you can find the available versions of the song. The book also contains the opinion of fans on all the Elvis' albums other chapters of the book. The text is in Italian.

Source: EP Gold

November 6, 2008

Teenagers' Hero Vol. 1 by Steve Rino

 A new book entitled "Teenager's Hero" by Steve Rino is due for release is December from Teenagers Hero Publishing.

From the press release: This is the definitive book-documentary of Elvis' live performances in early 1956. With more than 400 pages, sized 30x21 and featuring 445 photos mostly unpublished and never put in the right context. The book has high quality design (soft cover 300g, cloth binding, and 150 glossy pages), 1000 copies printed, each copy numbered. p> In the beginning the book was thought to be one volume only about the 1956, but due to the great quantity of material that we were able to find during in this period and also the different aspects of Elvis activity during the same year, we decided to give life to two different volumes.

The first volume, has as its focus Elvis' live activity in the first six months of 1956. The author Steve Rino spent two years of research to give life to a day by day photo journal where together with a scientific approach of the day, has been put together a professional layout with relative photos taken from newspapers, magazines and his personal collection. In trying to bring to the reader a feeling of the time through images, newspaper & magazines clips we give life, we hope, to something unique and new in the landscape of books about Elvis. We are proud of the in-depth research of every detail of every one of the 180 days listed, trying to putting in the right order all information, news, photo and tales coming from this difficult research.

Inside the web-site: www.teenagershero.com you can have access through the links to a lot a more details about the book's contents, quality and price.

The book will probably be available in December.

Source: Elvis News

November 6, 2008

Fashion For A King by The Norwegian fanclub 'Flaming Star'

The Norwegian fanclub 'Flaming Star' is working on a spectacular project. The club hopes to collect pictures of all the jumpsuits Elvis ever wore on stage in the 200 page book "Fashion For A King". Authors Tommy Edvardsen and Atle Larsen hope to have the book ready for print early 2009.

Source: Elvis News

November 6, 2008

Elvis: Aloha '73 - Ho'i Hou by Joe Tunzi

 Coming in 2009 from JAT Publishing is the book "Elvis : Aloha '73 - Ho'i Hou". The image shown for the Aloha '73 book isn't the actual cover but just a promotional ad for it.

Source: FECC

October 5, 2008

Best selling Elvis books in September

The 10 best selling Elvis books in the USA (based on store and online sales) during September 2008 were:

- Last Train to Memphis, Peter Guralnick
- Who Was Elvis Presley?, Geoff Edgers
- Careless Love, Peter Guarlnick
- Fortunate Son: The Life of Elvis Presley, Charles L. Ponce De Leon
- Graceland: An Interactive Pop-Up Tour
- All Shook Up: The Life & Death of Elvis Presley, Barry Denenberg
- Life: Remembering Elvis: 30 Years Later
- Elvis & Me, Priscilla Presley
- Me and A Guy Named Elvis: My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley, Jerry Schilling
- Elvis By the Presleys, Priscilla Presley, Lisa Presley et al

Source: Dr John Walker, ElvisBookResearch / EIN

September 5, 2008

Not So Quiet On The Set by Robert E. Relyea.

 Jailhouse Rock Assistant Director Robert E. Relyea - new book: Fans will be able to learn more about Elvis in the fifties when LA's 'Book Soup' store hosts Jailhouse Rock Assistant Director Robert E. Relyea on September 10 to talk about his new book. Producer Robert E. Relyea, a fifty-year veteran of the movie industry and assistant director on Elvis Presley's most iconic film, Jailhouse Rock, will appear at a world famous book store on the Sunset Strip this month to promote his new action-packed autobiography. The two-hour signing will take place 7 p.m. Wednesday, September 10 at Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Relyea will be signing copies of 'Not So Quiet On The Set: My Life In Movies During Hollywood's Macho Era', which promises to become a must read for anyone who yearns to know the "real" stories about the movies.

Co-authored by son Craig Relyea, Not So Quiet On The Set provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes, first person look into Hollywood's movie-making landscape during the turbulent pre-and post-Kennedy years in America. The book also chronicles Relyea's relationship with Elvis Presley on the set of Jailhouse Rock and Kid Galahad.

Titbits include:
- When Relyea rushed Presley from the MGM soundstage to Cedars-Sinai Hospital because the singer had swallowed a tooth cap.
- A behind-the-scenes look at the famous dance sequence that became Presley's most enduring image on celluloid.
- How Presley won over the film's veteran cast and crew with his polite manners and sincerity.
- Relyea's take on Presley's romance with co-star Judy Tyler, who died in a tragic automobile accident shortly after Jailhouse Rock was finished.
- Having fun with Presley and the Memphis Mafia on the set of Kid Galahad

The 348-page work includes candid photos of Relyea on the sets of epic films and presents rare insights into the mechanics and politics of film making, defining a dynamic period in motion picture history. A unique collaboration between father and son, Not So Quiet On The Set not only illustrates how the movie industry really works, but also provides a revealing portrait of Hollywood's loss of innocence. For more information, go to www.booksoup.com or click here www.NotSoQuietOnTheSet.com.

Source: EIN / Marshall Terrill

September 5, 2008

Inside Blue Hawaii boxset by Elvis Unlimited

 Elvis Unlimited has announced their latest "Inside" boxset release. This year's fall, we can expect a new release in the popular "Inside" box sets series, according to Elvis Unlimited. "Inside Blue Hawaii" will be the fifth movie (after Double Trouble, GI Blues, Love Me Tender and Roustabout) that gets an exclusive and detailed look behind the scenes, combining a book, DVD and vinyl single - all packed in a deluxe collector's box.

Source: Elvis News/Elvis Matters/Elvis Unlimited

June 28, 2008

Elvis: Something For Everybody by Joe Russo and Steve Barile.

 Due for release later this year is the book, 'Elvis: Something For Everybody' by Joe Russo and Elvis archivist Steve Barile. This hard cover 130 page book will span Elvis' entire career in rare and unique images according to the press release.

A message from the authors
We are both life-long fans and afficianados of Elvis Presley. What this book represents is a finely honed presentation of some of the most extraordinary, rare and stunning images we have discovered and collected over the last thirty-plus years.

This project is not something that has been hastily gathered, but literally the result of decades of personal aquisition and research.

It was our commitment to Elvis's legacy that we wait until just the right time to finally display our idea in book form, this very special volume now being offered, titled 'Elvis: Something For Everybody'.

Joe Russo & Steve Barile

Source: Elvis Australia

June 28, 2008

Elvis: Remembering August 16, 1977 Vol. 2 by Ronald Collamore.

Following the book, Elvis: Remembering August 16, 1977, author Ronald Collamore has teamed up with Joe Krein to publish a second volume.

The original book was based on the reactions of Elvis' fans when they heard the tragic news of his death.

Now you, your family members and friends are invited to share stories for this new book. The authors would like to hear your story; About how you heard the news on August 16, 1977, how you felt when you realized that Elvis was gone for good, how Elvis came into your life -- and did you ever meet Elvis? If so what was he like?

You can email your story to spike0553 at yahoo.com. Please be sure to include your full name and email and that you give permission for your story to be published. The deadline: October 1, 2008.

Source: Elvis Australia

June 14, 2008

Sun King: The Life and Times of Sam Phillips, the Man Behind Sun Records by Kevin and Tanja Crouch.

 The hardback edition was released just a couple of days ago but the paperback edition is already announced for June 2009!

Source: Piatkus Books

June 14, 2008

Inside Love Me Tender by Megan Murphy.

 Following in the 'Inside Elvis' book series will be Inside Love Me Tender due for release in July. This book set was scheduled for the start of the month but production has been delayed. The set is described as 'A beautiful book documenting Elvis' first motion picture, plus a DVD with rare footage, a vinyl radio promo, stills and much more. The pre-face is written by Ger Rijff.

Source: Elvis News

June 14, 2008

Alanna Nash working on new Elvis book

In August 2007, journalist and biographer Alanna Nash interviewed a number of Elvis' female co-stars, family members, and friends for a Ladies Home Journal article titled 'The Women Who Loved Elvis'. Now she's turning the idea into a book for Harper Entertainment, to be published in time for Elvis' 75th birthday in January 2010. Nash reports the book will be the first comprehensive look at Elvis purely from the female prospective.

'For all his maleness, Elvis was a very woman-centered man, because of his closeness with his mother', she says. 'It was women he could really talk with, and from whom he drew much of his strength. The book will look at a number of his relationships, both platonic and romantic. And part of it will consider how his status as one of the greatest sex symbols of the 20th century formed his stage act and his interactions with the opposite sex'. Anyone with information or contacts that could help with this project are invited to contact Alanna at alannanash at hotmail.com. (News, Source: Elvis Australia/Elvis News)

Source: Elvis Australa ... , Elvis News ...

May 7, 2008

The Life And Times Of J.D. Sumner by Bob Terrell

 An updated edition of JD sumner's highly sought after memoir, Gospel Music Is My Life, has been released.

I highly recommend this book. J.D. was so much more than a back-up singer on The Elvis Presley show. He was a living legend in his own right, and a pioneer that broke more ground, and accomplished more in his field than most people realize.

"You will love this great read ..told by J.D. himself, from his unique perspective........." Bud Glass

270 page book, soft cover, b&w, loaded with photos.
J.D.'s life with Elvis is all through this book. The book is told by J.D. himself. Introduction by James Blackwood

To order book send an email to bglass at nettally.com

Source: EIN

May 5, 2008

Elvis author Elaine Dundy passed away

 Elaine Dundy author of the marvellous book Elvis and Gladys passed away on May 2nd. She was aged 81. In her early years Elaine Dundy was a significant part of the Hollywood and theatre scene with friends such as Ernest Hemingway, Orson Welles, Gore Vidal and Tennessee Williams. As an author Dundy was well respected for her inspired writing, as well as her attention to detail and thorough research. Her 1958 novel 'The Dud Avocado' was a massive seller world-wide and has never been out of print. For 'Elvis and Gladys' she lived over 5 months in Tupelo befriending many of Elvis' Tupelo acquaintances and returning multiple times to continue her investigations. As she noted in the book, "I arrived in Tupelo Friday night and by Sunday I was listening to a sermon delivered Brother Frank Smith at the Assembly of God." Brother Frank Smith was of course a key player in Elvis' musical development. Back in 2004 EIN was delighted to interview Elaine Dundy and find out more about her amazing life. She will be missed by all her friends. Read her amazing interview here ... .

Source: EIN / Gansky

May 5, 2008

'68 at 40 Restrospective by Joe Tunzi

 This new book from JAT Publishing written by Steve Binder (Special's producer/director ), and with exclusive never before seen color photos from the collection of Timothy Mulrenan and Robert Brower will be available on August 6, 2008.

There will be only 2000 hardcover books available that will include a 8'' x 10''not used in the book and signed by Steve Binder. This will be the definitive book on the making of the 1968 Elvis Presley television special.

Source: EIN/ Elvis '68

April 27, 2008

Bill Burk passes away

 It is with deep sadness that EIN has to report the passing of Elvis World's "007", Bill E. Burk. To say Bill was highly respected throughout the Elvis world is a vast understatement. Bill was one of the greatest promoters of the Elvis legacy the world has known, and through his many books and long running magazine, Elvis World, was renowned for disspelling many of the myths which had grown up around Elvis.

Bill's legacy is indeed a great one. Visit the special Bill Burk page.

Elvis Books expresses its very sincere condolences to Bill's wife, Connie, and his family.

Source: EIN

April 3, 2008

Online Elvis novel - "Pure Elvis"

Following in the tradition of the original online serialised Elvis novel (from the late 1990s), The Strange Case of the Lost Elvis Diaries, comes Stefano Boscutti's online novel, Buscotti's Pure Elvis. The storyline revolves around the crazed weekend when Elvis decided to visit President Richard Nixon in search of a Federal Drug Enforcement Agent badge. A new chapter is posted each day.

Source: email

March 23, 2008

Sun King: The Life and Times of Sam Phillips, the Man Behind Sun Records by Kevin and Tanja Crouch.

 Music producer Sam Phillips and his landmark studio, Sun Records, hold a unique place in the history of rock 'n' roll - by many accounts, before Phillips recorded 'Rocket 88' by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats in 1951, rock 'n' roll as we know it didn't even exist. Phillips is simultaneously hailed as the man who discovered Elvis Presley and derided as the man who sold the same artist to RCA for a paltry $35,000. The list of musical legends that passed through the doors of Sun Records is simply astounding, including BB King, Ike Turner, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and more. SUN KING strips away the glossy veneer of legend around the Phillips story - which, like his signature sound, was much the result of his own careful crafting - to reveal a man who, from a very young age, heard a musical sound that no one else heard. Complete with a full Sun Records discography, 'Sun King' is an indispensable document in the history of rock music.

To be released in May.

Source: Piatkus

March 15, 2008

Elvis: '68 at 40 by Joe Tunzi

 Joe Tunzi has just announced a new limited edition book for August 2008. This time, Joe focuses on the "68 Comeback Special" - 40 years ago by then. Steve Binder (the special's producer/director) has agreed to contribute to the book. According to Joe Tunzi's press release, the book contains many exclusive and never before seen color photos from the private collection of Timothy Mulrenan and Robert Brower. In addition to the 2000 hardcover books is an 8"x 10" photo not used in the book and signed by Steve Binder.

Source: EIN / JAT Publishing

February 24, 2008

De Gospel-kant van Elvis by Joe Moscheo

 Here is the new cover for the Dutch version of 'The Gospel Side of Elvis'. 'De Gospel-kant van Elvis' marks the first translation of Joe Moscheo's bestselling book. The official presentation takes place on March 15th (Turnhout, Belgium) and 16th (Deventer, Holland).

Source: Elvis Matters

January 27, 2008

New final Cover Art for JAT 'Portraits' Book

 With a new 68 Comeback image, this has been announced as the final art cover of next JAT Productions book entitled "Portraits". Celebrating twenty years of JAT Productions this special project will be a hardback all-colour book. It is scheduled for the first quarter of 2008.

Source: EIN / Elvis Matters

January 27, 2008

Final volume in Complete Lyrics series being released

 The 10th and last volume in the Words - The Complete Lyrics series will be released on February 4, 2008. This volume will contain the lyrics and stories behind each title between WHA and Y. The 10 volumes in the Words series feature more than 800 songs. All recorded or sung by Elvis Presley.

Source: EIN / Elvis Matters

January 27, 2008

Mark Bego, co-author of Fike: An Uncommon Journey talks to EIN

 The name Mark Bego may not be an instantly recognisable name in the Elvis world but it soon will be. With more than 10 million books in print across 50 titles, Mark Bego is an authority on many major music and acting stars, designs jewellry, and has his own coffee line!

The co-author of Lamar Fike's upcoming memoir recently sat down to discuss Fike: An Uncommon Journey and the cream of the entertainment world.

In a fascinating interview Mark discusses what we can expect in Lamar's memoir, opens up about his own amazing life in Hollywood, and provides his informed views on celebrities ranging from Rock Hudson, Three Dog Night and Bette Midler to Patsy Cline, The Monkees, Aretha Franklin and Leonardo DiCaprio. Be it the incredible talent of Madonna and Cher or the sad self destruction of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, you will be captured by Mark's insights about the stars.

Read the interview ...

Source: EIN

January 20, 2008

Elvis Lives On! by Lerma Alcairo Sundita

 By author Lerma Alcairo Sundita, the 112 page book, "Elvis Lives On!", is listed for release this month.

Source: EIN / EP Gold

January 20, 2008

Elvis' intriguing family tree laid bare

 Elvis' ancestry is an area rarely covered. Over the years it has assumed fascination for some as different stories have emerged as to the King's historical origins.

German ancestry has been widely suggested, and in recent years Scottish ancestry and familial relationships to people as diverse as Oprah Winfrey and US presidents suggested.

So what is the truth?

To answer that, one needs to read Ancestors of "Elvis Aaron Presley" 50 Generations by professional genealogist, Lorina Bolig. Published after more than 13 years of laborious research many of Ms Bolig's fascinating findings will surprise most fans. That Elvis has direct relationships to royalty....

Read EIN's full review ...


January 20, 2008

The Day Elvis Came Closest To Japan by Toshiji Kazaki

 The brand new Aloha Picture book "The Day Elvis Came Closest To Japan" is expected in just days for release.

This book contains 100 pages, soft cover, and holds the unseen pictures of a Japanese Music Reporter who attended all 5 Hawaiian shows in November 1972 and January 1973.

Source: EIN / EP Gold

January 4, 2008

Wees Niet Wreed (Don't Be Cruel) by John Schoorl and Kees 't Hart

 Elvis in Poetry - Elvis is taken to the intellectual level in Holland: On Monday January 28th, 2008 a Poetry Festival, 'Weerwoord Festival', will be headlining poets about Elvis Presley. Location: Paradiso, Amsterdam

80 (famous) writers have made poems about Elvis Presley that will be presented in a book called 'Wees Niet Wreed' (or: Don't Be Cruel). The book is compiled by two very acknowledged writers: John Schoorl and Kees 't Hart. John Schoorl is journalist for one of Hollands leading newspapers, De Volkskrant. In 2005 he has won the 'Pop Press Prize' for his book 'Een Soulman In De Achterhoek'. He also writes for highstandard popmagazines such as 'Heaven' and 'Wah Wah'. Kees't Hart is a famous writer in the Netherlands, winning several important prizes over the years. The last one being the 'Multatuliprize' in 2002 for his novel 'De Revue'.

The book will be released by: Uitgeverij Nijgh & Van Ditmar - ISBN number: 90-388-9033-8.

Source: EIN / Rogier van Luyken

January 1, 2008

A Happy New Year!


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