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Bill E. Burk

Bill E. Burk

< photo of Bill E. Burk >

Bill and his wife Connie Lauridsen
(Photo source: internet/unknown)

Since the mid 1950's, the name Bill E. Burk was synonymous with authoritative journalism about the life and career of Elvis Aaron Presley.

Bill was a native Memphian whose fascinating background is the stuff of a "Boys Own World Annual":
- an international pilot with more than 9000 hours logged
- a standout athlete in three sports
- a retired lieutenant colonel from the Air National Guard who served in two wars - Korea and Vietnam

In addition, as a journalist, Bill ("007") has written countless articles about his "friend", Elvis Aaron Presley, a friendship that stretched from the 1950s to Elvis' untimely death in August 1977.

Apart from his books about The King, Bill and his wife Connie were the energy behind the quarterly magazine, "Elvis World", which ran for over 20 years. Elvis World was renowned around the world for its honest and accurate reporting about the King of Rock & Roll.
Bill also contributed to a large number of books on Elvis written by other authors. A selection of these books is given in the reference section below.

Bill sadly passed away on 24 April 2008.

More information can be found on Bill's webpage ... (hosted by the Elvis Information Network).

Text updated: 21 May 2023


xxxx - One-on-One (with Dean Sylvester)
1985 - Elvis, A 30-year Chronicle
1987 - Dot ... Dot ... Dot ... The Best of Bill E. Burk
1987 - Elvis Through My Eyes

1990 - Early Elvis: The Humes Years
1990 - Elvis: Rare Images of a Legend
1992 - Soldier Boy Elvis (with Ira Jones)
1992 - Elvis: Tidernas Story (Swedish translation of Elvis Through My Eyes)
1993 - Elvis Memories: Press Between the Pages
1994 - Early Elvis: The Tupelo Years
1996 - Elvis in Canada (1st Ed.)
1996 - Elvis in Canada (2nd Ed.)
1996 - Elvis Through My Eyes
1997 - Early Elvis: The Sun Years

2003 - Early Elvis: The Humes Years (re-issue)
2005 - Elvis Aaron Presley: A Candle In The Wind

Bill Burk contributed to the following books:

Last Train To Memphis
Careless Love
The Left Seat
Elvis: The Final Years
Down At The End Of Lonely Street
Elvis: His Life From A To Z
The Best Of Elvis
Elvis Album
Elvis: A Commemorative Edition
The Colonel: The Extraordinary Story Of Colonel Tom Parker & Elvis Presley
Up And Down With Elvis
Roadside Elvis
Elvis A. Presley: Musique Et vie d'un Mythe
Elvis Presley: Eloma Ja Musikki
Dear Elvis: Graffiti From Graceland
Elvis 1956 Reflections
Roots Of Elvis
The Man Called Cash
The Private Life of Elvis Presley

(source of the above list: Elvis Aaron Presley: A Candle In The Wind)

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